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Let me tell ya, as a kid it was tough asking Dad for the car, not only did he wanted it back by midnight, but all the artifacts at the back, had to be put back, In proper order.

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The 70's, Harvey's "Home Of The Fast Ones", The Coolest Place To Be?

Harvey's Diner

HARVEYS 103.jpg
HARVEYS 103.jpg

Hi and welcome as we go back in time to the "Iconic Diner", Harvey's Home Of The Hot Ones. If U were a teenager growing up in the 1950's, 60's, or 70's and loved the great Hot Rods, Classics or Muscle Cars, Harvey's was the place to hang out. Getting a spot on the Harvey's lot depended on how cool and fast the ride U drove. They called Harvey's, "Home Of The Fast One" which later changed to Harvey's " Home Of The Hot Ones", for whatever reason. Down below are pictures I found on this "iconic place". If U have pictures kicking around from the Harvey's day that U don't see below, feel free to send them to me. Send them to me, BitterBruno at, thank U.


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