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Let me tell ya, I grew up with a tough bunch of guys, that would do anything for a quick buck. They'd sell birth control their Grandmother.


Bottom: Tony P,  Memo B,  Peter R,  MIDDLE: Rob P,  Bruno (Bitter) TOP: Unknown Kid  

The Good Old Days!

What a childhood I had! If If it were possible, I'd go back in a heartbeat?

I remember the great friendships, Cool Cars, Diners, Drive-In Theatres, Oldies Music, Record Shops, U get the picture. It was a time we talked face to face not I-pad to I-phone. U could drop by a friends house, grab a plate, fork, and knife, a little wine and join your buddies family for dinner. We as kids were richer than we thought. Who knew a Bobby Orr Rookie card we clothes pegged to our bikes spokes for sound, would be worth $100 Grand today. The thing that excited us more than anything at Christmas time was waiting for the "CANADIAN TIRE CATALOGUE". There were no recalls on toys, we just tested them on our younger brother or sister, ah those were the Good Old Days! Life was simple back then. The best "Fad" to come out of our generation was the "Pet Rock", oh ya! A rock as a pet. The "Pet Rock" came with it's own carry bag. U dressed it up, held fashion shows. It also came with an instruction booklet to teach your own "Pet Rock" to sit, rollover, come and attack on command! When U got tired of the "Pet Rock", U held your own funeral and then buried it in your back yard. The "Pet Rock" was advertised as a low maintenance pet that can do anything a real pet can do. With all the drugs in that era, we believed anything. Friendships were incredible, something U wont find today. Drag Racing, Cruising, or just packing your car full of friends and heading down to the 400 Drive-In Theatre to watch "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, The Fog, Dawn Of The Dead, and Tales Of The Crept". All Thanksgiving Weekend" till the next day. Life was good, we never thought our friendship would end. We had dreams of conquering the world. Then one day the worst imaginable thing started to happen. Girls started coming into our lives and messed up all our plans. With all the drugs and screw ups we went through, I think we grew up normal. I can go on and on with how great our generation was but I won't, because I'll be dead.

In closing, many of the great places of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's are still around today and I've put them on this site. So why not listen to me BITTERBRUNO and go on over and grab a Burger and Fries, buy an Album, visit a Car Show, Car Meet, or just pack your car with your best friends and go on over and check out your local Drive-In Theatre. Take care and "CLICK" on the video below to see how great our generation was, God Bless. 

The Old Gang 

Introducing The Troutbrooke Turkeys: Glen Barteluce . Michael Benkoe . John Cappariccio . Frank Caputo . Elio Caringi . Franco Cepparo . Pat Ciampa . Jimmy D'Angelis . John De Fonzo . Bruno Di Girolamo (BITTERBRUNO) . Dom Fabiano . Mike Fiorante . Tony Gargaro . Enzo Guglielmo . Joe Lippa . Paul Maringoni . Dave Miotto . Anthony Monastero . Robert Palmerini . Adrian Patille . Johnny Pavan . Dave Peca . Tony Pontiere . Anthony Ricci . Peter Ricci . Ronnie Ricci . Renato Sannuto . Ricky Sevenetti . Ronnie Sevenetti .    

The Hot Rods We Had

Our Hot Rods were the Love of our lives, girls came after?

Our Hangout

The cool places  to hang out late at night after the clubs, or just hanging out with the guys and our Hot Rods. Those were The Good Old Days?

Fads Back Then

There were no recalls back then, U just tested them on your younger Brother or Sister. It was survival of the fittest.

Past School Friends

Down below are names and pictures I've gathered from my past schools. Schools like  Tumpane Public School, Beverley Heights Jr High, and Downsview Secondary School. All the great times playing in the sandbox, memories of getting sent to the principles office, and friendship we still have at the back of our minds from 1968-1980. It's unfortunate some have passed on, some have moved away, or just got married and changed their name. For those that grew up in the Jane and Sheppard area from 1968-1980, I've added the three schools U might have gone to. If your interested in locating some old friends, click on the school of your choice. Tumpane Public School, Beverley Heights Jr High and Downsview Secondary School. Take care and God bless.

Tumpane Public School

Tony Bartello . Gilbert Benamou . Denis Bianco . John Borean . John Capperichio . Daniela Cardinale . Andrew Choly . Pat Ciampa . Bruno Di Girolamo (BITTERBRUNO) . Ann Dunbar . Dominic Fabiano . Mike Fiorante . Tony Gargaro . Serfino Gentili . Enzo Guglielmo . Melanie Hawkins . Jimmy Patosa . Nick Jones . Jutta Kahatowssky . Dennis Kolody . Tony Mano . Max Marconi . Dave Miotto . Robert Palmerini . Adrian Pattille . Pat Ratzina . John Pavan . Nick Peckerilli . Anthony Ricci . Peter Ricci . Renato Sannuto . 

Beverley Heights Jr High School

Michael Benkoe . John Capperichio . Pat Ciampa . Joe Cimecata . Bruno Di Girolamo (BITTERBRUNO) . Dom Fabiano . Enzo Guglielmo . Dennis Kolody . Anthony Marrinucci . Dave Miotto . Rob Palmerini . Adrian Patille . John Pavan . Peter Ricci . Renato Sannutto . Jack Sinopoli .

Downsview Secondary School

Vincenzo Andrisani . Rob Angelucci . Claudio Basso . Michael Benkoe . Paul Bescape . Dennis Bianco . John Borean . Manuel Bottos . Tom Bruni . John Capperichio . Frank Caputo . Rob Caravaggio . Daniela Cardinale . Elio Caringi . Domenic Chiaravalloti . Andrew Choly . Pat Ciampa . Carmen Citta . Sammy Colosimo . A Donofrio . Mauro Deamicis . Tony Notaris . John Memmo . John Defonzo . Dino Dibartolomeo . Tony Dibartolomeo . Joe Di Adamo . Bruno Di Girolamo (BITTERBRUNO) . Carlo Di Palma . Frank Domenichiello . Vito Doria . Ann Garisto . William Genga . Serafino Gentili . Vito Giglio . Angela Grande . Dominic Greco . Enzo Gugliemo . Melanie Hawkins . Nick Jones . Dennis Kolody . Sam Kyrkos . Tony Lenti . Joe Lippa . Frank Lisi . Mary Longo . Saby Lulianetti . Tricia Macris . Joanna Madachy . Danny Mancini . Tony Manno . Peter Mariani . Anthony Marinucci . Maria Martino . Nick Martino . John Mascherin . Ralph Massara . Stuart Mclachan . Rob Molinaro . Lui Morizio . Frank Muto . Tony Muto . Frank Mazzuca . Lucy Migas . Dave Miotto . Adrie Moretti . Frank Nalli . Eddie Nicolucci . Rob Palmerini . Gerry Palombo . Adrian Patille . John Pavan . Carlo Pellegrino . Cam Pietrangelo . Gino Pirillo . Lorenzo Presutti . Pat Primavera . Marcello Recine . Salvador Recine . David Reid . Pat Retzina . Nick Peckerilli . Sonia Polesel . Anthony Ricci . Peter Ricci .Diane Richings . Frank Ruffolo . Manuele S Forza . Silvia Scarsella . Renauto Sannuto . Tony Sannuto . Toni Savo . John Sacchetti . Jack Sinopoli . John Valente . Lina Vecchio . Bruna Zeppperi .  

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