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Moving back with my Mom after my divorce wasn't easy. She's great but she plays her Italian opera 24 hrs a day, we have a pet mouse that thinks ...he's Luciano Pavamousee.


The Oldies Music  

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Once the music of the great oldies gets into your soul, it stays there man? U could be in your car waiting  for the lights to change when it hits U, like a bug on your windshield. That certain song that brings back a ton of Memories: Your first kiss, your first car, and even, the first squirrel U ran over! For me, it got so deep into my soul, I went out and bought my first 1955 Chevy at the age of 20. Not only was the music timeless but the singers were a classy bunch. What they had in common was their love for making great music and the friendships they shared. A great example of this was the awesome band Sha Na Na. Not only did they last many years, but the love and respect they had for each other.

The Record Shops 

Down below are a great bunch of record shops. Lets keep these great places going, buy dropping by and picking up a record or two. Take care and thank U.

The Radio Stations

Check out some of these great Oldies radio stations that still broadcast true Rock & Roll.

BitterBruno Favourites

Side A

*The Beach Boys: Wouldn't It Be Nice

*The Belmonts: Come On Little Angel

*The Belmonts: Welcome Me Back Home

*Ben E King: Stand By Me

*The Crests: The Angels Listened In

*Dee Dee Sharp: Mash Potato

*Del-Larks: Remember The Night

*Del Rios: Just Across The Street

*Del Vikings: Come Go With Me

*The Diamond: Little Darlin

*Dion & The Del Satins: Donna Prima Donna

*The Earls: Remember Then

*The Earls: Remember Me Baby

*First Class: Beach Baby

*Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons: Walk Like A Man

*The Genies: Who's That Knocking

*Jackie Wilson: That's Why I Love You So

*Jive 5: My True Story

*Johnny Maestro: The Model Girl

*Kenny Vance: Looking For An Echo

*Lloyd Price: Where Were You On Our Wedding Day

*Nino & The Ebb Tides: The Oldies But Goodies

Side B

*Norman Fox: Rainy Day Bells

*Randy & The Rainbows: Denise

*The Rays: Two Silhouettes

*The Tokens: She Let Her Hair Down

*The Tokens: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

*Vito & The Salvations: Unchained Melody

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