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Let me tell ya, every time my x and I would argue, she would always say the same thing, Bruno just go to hell, I'd say what for...I could see it from here.

X's Crew

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Hi and welcome to my store, where you'll find all kinds of cool stuff. As U can see it's empty and why? It's because I got robbed last night! Who would do such a thing and why, U may ask. Well I think it was my X, I think she was mad about a video or something about her, or the mother in law. Anyways, I got a new shipment coming in real soon. I don't know when or what's coming in, but when it does, It's going to be real cool stuff, and your going to love me for it. So hang in tight, check back from time to time, it will be well worth it. Take care and God Bless?

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