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The way I see people drive today, makes me think there's only 3 ways to get a licence! Bribing the instructor, threating the instructor, or having sex with the instructor.


Lets Talk 

So your thinking about booking me for your next event, that's great but here's the deal. In my act I'm not big on marriage and everything that comes with it. Things like Mother-In-Law, dinner at the In-Laws, "PRISON". Been there done that, "Capeesh!". So check out some of my stuff before booking me or better still, come down to one of my shows and support local Comedy. So, bring your wife, X-Wife, your Mother-In-Law or even your "Goomar!". If U really want to have fun, Bring them all. One dollar from each drink U purchase goes to feeding a Comedian. If there's other styles of Comedians U want for your event, (Wacky, Dark, Political, Etc...) no problem, I have a bunch of funny Comedian friends I can get to do your show. 

So give me a call, I'm open to talk to anyone, anyone  but the x and her family. Why? BECAUSE I HATE THEM I REALLY DO? And please leave my neighborhood, Thank U.

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